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    Sustainable Luxury


Sustainable Luxury

I love that the balms are vegan and organic. The texture is smooth and moisturizing on the lips.

Kenye P.

I loved the packaging and the feel of the product! So smooth and moisturizing on my lips

Madison C.

I love how moisturizing the balms are! I also love having a variety to choose from. I cannot wait to try them all.

Carlene M.

I loved the different variety of flavors of lip balm. they were all super hydrating, I loved it!

Sawyer L.

These are awesome! Such thoughtful packaging and the lip balm is very high quality with minimal ingredients. 10/10 would recommend!!

Beth B.

Make it simple.


Make it better.


Literally the only lip balm I buy anymore....and I LOVE the fact it comes in 3 different flavors so I can have one in my car, the bathroom, the bedroom, etc....

although the pomegranate is by far my favorite :)

I appreciate the company overall for their promise of sustainability and all natural ingredients. I feel SO blessed to have found them!

Hayley M.

Love this packaging! I am obsessed with lip balm and this is one of the best I have used. I can pronounce all he ingredients and feel confident that I am not using anything that can harm me. Spearmint is my fave!!

Lacey L.

I loved the variety of favors offered. The set was moisturizing and didn’t feel like I was just rubbing dry wax on my lips (something I’ve experienced with other low-waste brands). Another thing I liked was that the products were vegan. That is something I also often struggle to find in low-waste products.
I would definitely consider purchasing this set!

Ella B.

I loved the smooth texture and consistency of the balms as my lips were very chapped prior to application. The flavors are subtle and a nice option for when you want more on your lips. The packaging was awesome and I was thrilled to know every single bit was recyclable.

Ann O.

The lip balm is very soft and smooth, and doesn’t look like there are any dyes! I love that it doesn’t leave your lips feeling greasy or more chapped. All of the packaging is earth friendly which I love! The pomegranate flavor one is very subtle, which is refreshing since some lip balms can be way too sweet or fragrant, although a little more scent wouldn’t hurt it. Definitely a 10/10!

Kayla S.


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