Our Name:

SuLu comes from the combination of, "Sustainable Luxury". Everything we do, including our products, packaging, and shipping directly focuses on how to make each element more sustainable and luxurious.

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Our Purpose:

To end the use of plastic in everyday items by creating sustainable alternatives more luxurious with the future in mind.

Make it simple. Make it better. 

Within the personal care industry, we saw that the quality of the product, experience, and purpose could be improved by focusing on sustainability.

Our planet is being polluted. Plastic is seeping into our waterways, seas, and oceans, causing harm to all that is around those areas and beyond.

We aim to reverse existing damages to our planet and remove as much of that pollution as possible.

Our Partner:

SuLu has partnered with CleanHub to further support our purpose.

CleanHub partners with local advocates to remove plastic pollution from the most susceptible locations before it ends up in our rivers, seas, and oceans. SuLu has pledged to remove 200 pounds of plastic this year. Check out our progress

Our Founder:

Claire founded SuLu with the intention of making a product that the consumer could be proud of. With so much plastic pollution around the world, Claire's goal was to be plastic-free from the start. She was looking to find the balance between sustainability and luxury.